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    • 'Tubbataha' to cut US ship in 4 sections 

      Zurbano, Joel (Manila Standard, March 26, 2013, on page A3)
      On the final stage of dismantling a US ship that ran aground on Tabbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea, salvor ships and crew will cut the hull in four sections this week and bore holes for steel cables of giant cranes that will ...
    • Gov't urged to save its seas from overfishing 

      Araja, Rio N.; Pañares, Joyce P. (Manila Standard, June 8, 2013, on page A1-A2)
      At least 13 fishing grounds in the Philippines have been heavily fished and the declining stocks will force local fishermen to go beyond the country's boundaries toward the Malaysian and Indonesian seas to look for catch, ...
    • Lake Buhi, home of unique PH fish, gets attention 

      Tuyay, Francisco (Manila Standard, June 9, 2013, on page A3)
      The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has designated the Lake Buhi Watershed in Camarines Sur as a water quality management area in a bid to protect the lake that is home to the Mistichthys luzonensis, locally ...
    • Port boosts Pangasinan fishing sector 

      Baldovino, Roman (Manila Standard, June 10, 2013, on page A8)
      Pangasinan 4th District Rep. Gina de Venecia said a fish port in Dagupan will be realized soon after House Bill 4445 mandating its establishment was approved without amendment by the Senate last Thursday. "For many decades, ...
    • Fishery hotline set for Beijing, Hanoi 

      Agence France-Presse (AFP) (Manila Standard, June 22, 2013, on page B4)
      China and Vietnam have agreed to set up a hotline to resolve disputes in the China Sea, where clashes between fishermen have stoked tensions between the countries, state media reported Tuesday. The agreement was signed by ...
    • Airlines curbing shark fin transport 

      Bloomberg (Manila Standard, June 25, 2013, on page B4)
      Shark fins' ride in plane bellies is beginning to end. Last week, Korean Air Lines C. said since March it had stopped moving the delicacy used in soups. The Seoul-based company joined Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. in saying ...
    • World's biggest fish market in tokyo headed for new location 

      Ozawa, Harumi (Manila Standard, January 2, 2014, on page B3)
      As most of Tokyo sleeps, men in rubber boots haggle over tuna in the cavernous halls of Tsukiji market. The clang of a bell around 5:30 a.m. kicks off the action at the world’s biggest fish emporium. Traders flash hand ...
    • Living a dream on a small island 

      Ramos-Araneta, Macon (Manila Standard, January 9, 2014, on page B6)
      Life on a small island with a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset, an island with a tropical forest teeming with wildlife, with white sand beaches and colorful fishes in the crystal-clear waters of the sea --- many ...
    • Tubbataha Group tells Us Embassy: Pay for coral damages 

      Philippine News Agency (PNA) (Manila Standard, January 9, 2014, on page A3)
      In its continuing quest to seek settlement for damages caused on more than 2,000 square meters of corals in the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park by the USS Guardian, Tubbataha Management Office(TMO) top executive Angelique ...
    • The battle for marine and human sustainability 

      (Manila Standard, January 9, 2014, on page C3)
      The Coral Triangle lies deep in the volcanic Indo-Pacific region, where two great oceans merge, and is bordered in the north by the Philippines, the west by Indonesia and Malaysia and the east by the Solomon Islands. It ...
    • Sea Turtle 

      Junio, Christine (Manila Standard, January 10, 2014, on page B5)
      Residents of Barangay San Agustin in San Fernando City, La Union released to the sea a green sea turtle, which trapped in a net of a local fisherman.
    • China insist on fishery rules 

      Fabunan, Sara Susanne (Manila Standard, January 12, 2014, on page A1-A2)
      In its bid to deflect criticisms from foreign countries, including the United States, following a recent ruling that requires foreign fishermen to seek permission before fishing in the South China Sea, Beijing said it was ...
    • Mighty to help fish pond owners 

      Campos, Othel (Manila Standard, January 14, 2014, on page B3)
      Local cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp. said it will donate tobacco dust, a fish pond conditioner that protects local ponds from predators, to help millions of Filipino fish pond owners and operators as well as tobacco ...
    • China's fishery law focus of Asean gab 

      Fabunan, Sara (Manila Standard, January 17, 2014, on page A3)
      The new fishing regulations in the South China Sea being implemented by Hainan, China’s southernmost province, was one of the topics that was discussed on Thursday during the Association of Southeast Nations Foreign Ministers ...
    • Rescue 

      Antiquia, Benjie (Manila Standard, January 20, 2014, on page B10)
      Village watchmen rescue two spinner dolphins off the coast of Barangay Talao-talao in Lucena City. One of the dolphins has a large scar on its fins.
    • Agriculture sector grew 1.2% in 2013 

      Estrada, Anna Leah G. (Manila Standard, January 23, 2014, on page B3)
      Agriculture and fishery production grew 1.15 percent year-on-year in 2013, slower than the 2.9-percent expansion in 2012, as the country suffered from several natural calamities that damaged billions of peso worth of crops ...
    • Helmet shells seized in Sulu 

      Gonzales, Anna Leah E. (Manila Standard, January 30, 2014, on page B6)
      Police and Bureau of Fisheries have intercepted 106 boxes of helmet shells, an endangered marine specie, at Chinese Pier in Jolo, Sulu police director Sr. Supt. Abraham Orbita said. He said the shells, which are sold in ...
    • ‘Fish-tival’ sets record longest grill 

      Macob, Johanne (Manila Standard, April 6, 2014, on page 1-2)
      The Philippines has set another world record – this time for the longest barbecue grill – in Pangasinan, a local radio report said Saturday. Bombo Radyo said the simultaneous grilling of fish to mark the Malangsi “Fish ...
    • Diners eat oysters from polluted bay 

      Agence France-Presse (AFP) (Manila Standard, April 7, 2014, on page B4)
      Cage after cage, oysters destined for a sprinkling of lemon juice and a delighted diner are pulled from the majestic Chesapeake Bay, where 20 years ago they had nearly disappeared.“Those will be at the restaurants tomorrow,” ...
    • BFAR promotes 'ayungin' breeding 

      Estrada, Annah Leah G. (Manila Standard, April 15, 2014, on page B3)
      The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources recently conducted a study on how to multiply the population of ayungin, an omnivorous silver-colored fish endemic to the Philippines. BFAR said it conducted the study as a ...