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    • Milkfish research gets Canadian fund support 

      (BulletinToday, June 3, 1982, on page 9)
      The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada has approved a $423,600 grant for the SEAFDEC aquaculture department to implement Phase III of the milkfish research project, starting April 1. Phase III, which ...
    • Fishpens block fishing grounds 

      Yamzon, Wilma (BulletinToday, February 16, 1984, on page 7)
      Which agency is responsible for checking the proliferation of fishpens along coastlines of Parañaque, Cavite, Bacoor, Las Piñas, Navotas, and Bulacan? This question surfaced as small fishermen complained of their dwindling ...
    • Great promise in fishfarming (Part I) 

      (BulletinToday, September 6, 1984, on page 1-8)
      Common fishfarm products which used to be taken for granted apparently hold the answer to the government's need for increasing agricultural productivity, generating more livelihood opportunities and earning valuable foreign ...
    • New developments in fish production (Part II) 

      (BulletinToday, September 7, 1984, on page 1-13)
      The Aquaculture Department of the SEAFDEC has developed four new techniques to help solve the problem of milkfish fry shortage: including wild and captivity; rearing milkfish larvae to fry at survival rates of up to 70%; ...
    • UNLAD to benefit 10,000 fishermen 

      (BulletinToday, November 11, 1984, on page 24)
      The Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA), the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the Farm Systems Development Corporation (FSDC) entered ...
    • Raising milkfish, crabs 

      Fernandez, Rudy A. (BulletinToday, December 4, 1984, on page 10)
      Milkfish and mudcrabs are not strange bedfellows. They can be raised in the same pond with encouraging results, as found in a trial conducted by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department in ...
    • Seafdec-AQD pushes research on milkfish 

      Antonio, Tony (BulletinToday, January 8, 1985, on page 1)
      With the ablation technique for prawns already refined and widely used by fishfarmers, aquaculture scientists are now examining the thesis that a similar manipulation of the sex glands (gonad) of milkfish could speed up ...
    • Prawn's feeding habits 

      (BulletinToday, January 8, 1985, on page 1)
      Unlike fish, prawns are nibblers and slow eaters. They take the food with their pinchers and bring this to their mouth and slowly chew on the food. If the feed is small enough they would throw the whole piece into the mouth.
    • Carp-raising breakthrough bared 

      Flores, F. T. (BulletinToday, January 14, 1985, on page 14)
      Researchers at the station of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Seafdec) at Tapao Point here have chalked up another breakthrough in fishfarming - the successful spawning of the fast-growing bighead Chinese ...
    • Aquaculture meet opens today 

      (BulletinToday, February 10, 1985, on page 1)
      Engineers engaged in aquaculture operations in the country will gather at the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department main station in Tigbauan, Iloilo Oct. 2-5 for a consultative meeting on the engineering requirements of a fast ...
    • Iloilo underwaters fascinate visitors 

      Lagniton, F. M. (BulletinToday, February 11, 1985, on page 26)
      Colorful marine life and fascinating coral reef formations of San Joaquin town in Iloilo province, particularly the areas surrounding the so-called Tim's rock may yet attack many Japanese divers. This was disclosed by Dr. ...
    • Fishfarm industry discussed 

      (BulletinToday, February 11, 1985, on page 16)
      Member of Parliament Narciso Monfort of Iloilo has offered the facilities of his office to ensure a full discussion of the concerns and problems of the fish-farming industry when Philippine Federation of Aquaculturists ...
    • Lecture on shells 

      (BulletinToday, February 11, 1985, on page 16)
      A lecture on "Shells for a Scinece Corner," was conducted last Feb. 8 by the National Museum.
    • Fishfarming ensures daily catch 

      Valencia, Linda B. (BulletinToday, June 3, 1985, on page 34)
      Just 15 minutes drive from Makati is a fishing village lying along the shoreline of Laguna Lake. Here, almost everyone fishes to live and lives to fish. Lower Bicutan in Taguig, a community of some 800 families, holds a ...
    • It's painful but it hastens prawn fertilization 

      Antonio, Tony (BulletinToday, July 8, 1985, on page 14)
      At the research station here of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Seafdec), researchers may be considered 'sadists': They are inflicting painful injuries to female prawns by pinching or crushing their ...
    • 'Shrimp food' technology assures industry's growth 

      Antonio, Tony (BulletinToday, July 15, 1985, on page 27)
      The aquaculture department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Seafdec-AQD) announced yesterday that it has eliminated one big obstacle to the full development of shrimp farming into a major export industry. ...
    • Prawn exports to Japan negligible 

      (BulletinToday, July 22, 1985, on page 24)
      How does the Philippines compare with other countries in the export markets for frozen shrimps and prawns? A market research conducted by the aquaculture department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center ...
    • Creation of aquaculture centers sought 

      (BulletinToday, July 26, 1985, on page 10)
      Members of Parliament Narciso D. Monfort (KBL, Iloilo) has filed with the Batasang Pambansa a resolution urging the establishment of regional fish farming assistance units in the country. Resolution No. 586 urged the ...
    • Center presents plan for sufficiency in fish 

      Antonio, Tony (BulletinToday, July 29, 1985, on page 1)
      The aquaculture department of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Seafdec-AQD) has presented a four-year plan which aims to achieve for the country self-sufficiency in fish by 1987. The plan also aims to ...
    • Fishery program proposed 

      Espina, Gerry (BulletinToday, August 26, 1985, on page 1)
      Today the developing country that has insufficient fishery resources, or having such resources, but fails to develop them, is at a great disadvantage. For if it cannot make good at producing enough animal protein, or at ...