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    • An open letter to the President 

      (Manila Bulletin, September 3, 1996, on page 15)
      House Bill No. 7366 "An Act to Codify all laws of Fisheries all laws on Fisheries and Aquatic Resources" is about to be presented by the Special Fisheries Committee headed by Congressman Jose T. Villarosa to the plenary ...
    • "Pole-vaulting" a sustainable fisheries industry 

      Quiason, Rey L.; Aquino-Quiason, Vangie (Manila Bulletin, October 22, 1997, on page SS-1-SS-2)
      By the 21st century, meeting and sustaining food security will become a major concern as population continues to grow and the natural resources, particularly the farmlands and forest, become less productive as before. ...
    • BFAR Director Dennis Araullo: Balancing fish production with conservation 

      (Manila Bulletin, October 22, 1997, on page SS-2)
      The emphasis of BFAR's programs today, however, is not only on conservation but also on sustained production. "We are thinking of two things," says Director Araullo. "First is to produce enough for the present generation ...
    • 25 Asians end aquaculture course 

      FTW (Manila Bulletin, June 1, 1998, on page 31)
      Twenty-five Asians completed recently an extensive two-week training course in aquaculture management, offered by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development or (SEAFDEC-AQD). pf the course participants, 15 were from the ...
    • Seafdec-AQD opens 5-day int'l seminar on aquaculture 

      (Manila Bulletin, January 13, 1999, on page B-9)
      Agriculture Undersecretary Cesar Drilon was the opening speaker at an international seminar-workshop on mangrove-friendly aquaculture which opened yesterday at the Days Hotel here. The five-day scientific meeting is convened ...
    • Bangus hatchery technology transferred to private sector 

      (Manila Bulletin, January 28, 1999, on page D-7)
      A new program to help reinvigorate and sustain the local bangus industry is now being implemented by a Southeast Asian center based here. The Accelerated Transfer of Milkfish Hatchery technology Program is being undertaken ...
    • DA donates 16-hectare pond to fisheries center 

      (Manila Bulletin, February 3, 1999, on page 16)
      The Department of Agriculture (DA) recently donated a 16-hectare pond here to a government-hosted Southeast Asian Center in Tigbauan, this province. The pond is now used by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center ...
    • SEAFDEC offers 6 training courses 

      (Manila Bulletin, February 18, 1999, on page B-14)
      Six regular training courses in various areas of aquaculture will be offered this year by the Southeast Asian Fishers Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC AQD) based here. The courses, which are offered to ...
    • BFAR develops tilapia fishpond industry 

      Caoile, Carayo (Manila Bulletin, May 10, 1999, on page 36)
      Early this year, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), started developing the tilapia which could withstand up to 30 ppt salinity to take the pace of bangus, the most domesticated fish known to Filipinos. ...
    • Fisheries project to boost Western Samar 

      (Manila Bulletin, May 24, 1999, on page 23)
      A government-hosted Southeast Asian center and a European Union-assisted program have agreed to undertake a fisheries project to boost the development of this province's coastal communities. A memorandum of agreement was ...
    • Mindanao aquaculture research projects up 

      (Manila Bulletin, July 4, 1999, on page 30)
      The Mindanao State University (MSU) System and the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC AQD) have agreed to carry out aquaculture research and extension projects in Mindanao. Recognizing ...
    • Thai experts leads Fisheries Dev't Center 

      (Manila Bulletin, July 6, 1999, on page 9)
      A Thai expert in aquaculture development is the new secretary general of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC). He is Panu Tavarutmaneegul of the Thai Department of Fisheries. He succeeded Udom ...
    • Training courses set for milkfish fry gatherers in Iloilo towns 

      (Manila Bulletin, July 6, 1999, on page B-14)
      A series of training courses has been launched to upgrade the skills of milkfish fry gatherers in five southern Iloilo towns. The lectures are conducted by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture ...
    • Fisheries station turns 23 

      (Manila Bulletin, July 16, 1999, on page 28)
      The Binangonan Freshwater Station (BFS) of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC AQD) based at Tapao Point here will celebrate its 23rd anniversary on Thursday, July 29.
    • Starfish: New Boracay danger? 

      (Manila Bulletin, September 8, 1999, on page 26)
      The world-famous long stretch of White beach here is free from the spread of crow-of thorns (COT) starfish, after all. It will be recalled that in 1997, tourists and local visitors avoided visiting this small island-paradise ...
    • 17 more complete aquaculture course 

      (Manila Bulletin, September 24, 1999, on page 34)
      Seventeen more Asians completed this month another training course on freshwater aquaculture conducted by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC AQD) here. The four-week (Aug. ...
    • Mudcrab in mangroves 

      Fajardo, Danny (Manila Bulletin, October 8, 1999, on page 40)
      Growing mudcrab in net enclosures in a mangrove area is profitable, according to KASAMA, an Aklan fishers' association that collaborated with the Iloilo-based Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center's aquaculture department.
    • To the people who helped clean our waters and coasts: Congratulations for a job well done! 

      (Manila Bulletin, October 12, 1999, on page 5)
      They were businessmen, professionals, government officials, and company executives. They were also fisherfolk, laborers, famers, students, teachers, and market vendors. But for one day, last September 18, along the Bataan ...
    • Fry from the wild 

      Caoile, Carayo (Manila Bulletin, October 31, 1999, on page B-11)
      The production of 600 m bangus fry from the wild from a previous 1.2 billion on estimates by the Department of Agriculture resulted in an August 1, 1998-July 31, 1999 study monitored by the Philippine Council for Aquatic ...
    • Aquaculture technologists end course 

      (Manila Bulletin, October 31, 1999, on page 16)
      Eighteen Aquaculture technologists from seven Asian countries completed recently an Aquaculture training course conducted by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center AquacultureDepartment (SEAFDEC AQD). The intensive ...