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  • Freshwater prawn a sustainable alternative to tiger shrimp 

    Dianala, Rex Delsar B. (DailyGuardian, March 14, 2020, on page 7-12)
    Growing up to a foot long, three to a kilo and with a taste very much likened to lobster and tiger shrimp, one would wonder why not more people in the Philippines are farming freshwater prawns. Locally known as ulang or ...
  • Solon wants motor bancas to continue operations but.. 

    (DailyGuardian, August 16, 2019, on page 1-15)
    Guimaras Rep. Ma. Lucille Nava wants the Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) to continue allowing wooden-hulled boats, or motor bancas, to ferry passengers from Iloilo to Guimaras and vice versa. In her privilege speech, ...
  • Cordoned portion of Boracay reopened 

    Rendon, Jennifer P. (DailyGuardian, August 16, 2019, on page 2-6)
    Authorities have reopened a portion of Boracay Island late afternoon of Aug 15, 2019 after it was tested safe for swimming and other related activities. On Wednesday morning, an area of around 100 meters Boracay’s Station ...
  • Prepping for disasters 

    (DailyGuardian, August 10, 2019, on page 4)
  • Study: Helping young fish see at night makes them grow faster 

    De La Cruz, Joesyl Marie (DailyGuardian, March 7, 2020, on page 7-13)
    In Asian countries including the Philippines, the culture of pompano has been conducted in open sea cages, brackishwater cages and in ponds. However, a few challenges, such as the high cost of production, still hamper the ...
  • Mangrove-friendly crab culture, a lucrative source of livelihood 

    Dianala, Rex Delsar B. (DailyGuardian, February 29, 2020, on page 7-10)
    The lush foliage of mangrove forests are now the pride of their host communities – a badge for environmental conservation, a natural protection from storm surges, and a potential tourist draw. This is a far cry from the ...
  • Recto Bank the only replacement to Malampaya 

    Mana-ay, Edgar (DailyGuardian, July 1, 2019, on page 5)
    It's all over the newspapers the past two months that natural gas supply from the Malampaya offshore source in Palawan seas will run out in four years time. For the past 45 years, natural gas from the Malampaya gas fields ...
  • SEAFDEC reminds shrimp growers to avoid stocking ponds during cold months 

    Ledesma, Rossea Hosillos (DailyGuardian, February 22, 2020, on page 7-8)
    To prevent the entry of shrimp diseases, shrimp farmers are advised not to stock their ponds during cold months if their farms are not biosecurity-compliant or fully equipped to prevent the entry of shrimp diseases. Experts ...
  • Iloilo teachers join Japan-funded research methodology training 

    Ledesma, Rossea Hosillos (DailyGuardian, February 15, 2020, on page 12)
    To enhance the capacity of high school science teachers in Iloilo, a training on research methodology and technical writing was organized with funding support from the Government of Japan. Twenty-two high school science ...
  • Jump-start aquaculture business with coaching from experts 

    Ledesma, Rossea Hosillos (DailyGuardian, February 7, 2020, on page 7-13)
    Fish farms and hatcheries need proper management to prosper, thus, experts from the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC/AQD) are offering aquaculture trainings with first-hand ...
  • Fisheries library goes digital 

    De La Cruz, Joesyl Marie (DailyGuardian, January 29, 2020, on page 3-14)
  • Learn aquaculture hands-on snd online! 

    (DailyGuardian, January 25, 2020, on page 4 (supplement))
    SEAFDEC/AQD is now accepting applicants for its 2020 training courses.
  • New species of soil-cleaning worm named after Iloilo 

    Ledesma, Rossea Hosillos (DailyGuardian, January 27, 2020, on page 10-13)
    A new species of mudworm, known to clean the soil in fishponds, was recently identified and named after Iloilo, the province where its eggs were collected and hatched. Now called Marphysa iloiloensis, eggs of this mudworm, ...
  • 106 green sea turtle hatchlings released 

    (DailyGuardian, December 21, 2019, on page 12)
    A total of 106 Green Sea turtle hatchlings were released in its nesting ground located at Brgy. Cadajug, Laua-an, Antique last month. The hatchlings have a carapace length of approximate in five centimeters and a width of ...
  • Tuna farming soon in PH as research project takes off 

    de la Cruz, JM (DailyGuardian, January 8, 2020, on page 7-8)
    Japanese technology on farming mackerel tuna, locally known as tulingan, is set to be adopted in the Philippines with a Japanese researcher already procuring breeders to establish a hatchery in Iloilo. Experimental runs ...
  • Sea trips for small vessels halted due to gale warning 

    Yasa, Dolly (DailyGuardian, August 6, 2019, on page 6-14)
    A gale warning was issued morning of Aug 5, 2019 in Western Visayas, forcing the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to again cancel sea trips between Bacolod City and Iloilo City. The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and ...
  • Passengers hail resumption of boat trips 

    Santiagudo, Emme Rose (DailyGuardian, August 14, 2019, on page 1-14)
    Passengers were elated by the resumption of motor banca trips between Iloilo and Guimaras on Aug 13, 2019. Passengers reached by Daily Guardian said they cannot stand the long hours of queuing at the roll on-roll off (RORO) ...
  • Back at sea: Motor banca operations resume with restrictions 

    Rendon, Jennifer P.; Santiagudo, Emme Rose (DailyGuardian, August 14, 2019, on page 1-14)
    Passengers from both Iloilo and Guimaras had to endure eight long days as motor banca operations were suspended. But on Aug. 13, 2019, passengers were greeted with good news as the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) ...
  • Shocking sea mishap 

    Vidal, Alex (DailyGuardian, August 6, 2019, on page 4)
    In a tragedy, it is easy to shrug off the pain and melancholy if we lost only the material things such as cash or expensive valuables, which can still be replaced. But if it involves the death of loved ones, their “untimely” ...
  • Overhaul looms: Iloilo Strait tragedy review of sea transportation 

    Santiagudo, Emme Rose (DailyGuardian, August 9, 2019, on page 1-15)
    The Iloilo Strait tragedy that claimed the lives of 31 people triggered the need to overhaul protocols, safety nets, and other measures in the sea transport industry. During his visit to the wake of the eight casualties ...

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