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    • Fish kill rooted in volcanism 

      Zafaralla, Macrina Tamayo (Manila Bulletin, July 24, 2011, on page 11)
      Taal Lake, a caldera, has an ecology that is closely linked to its cradling Taal volcano, one of the 16 volcanoes of the world that erupts every 10 years. We've been studying this lake since 1989. I propose a paradigm to ...
    • Saving Laguna de Bay 

      Zafaralla, Macrina Tamayo (The Philippine Star, February 2, 2017, on page B7)
      The restoration of Laguna de Bay to a relatively pristine state is a major concern. This is a scientist’s account on a multidisciplinary two to three-year scientific endeavor that culminated in an Environmental Health ...
    • StarScience: Saving Laguna de Bay 2 

      Zafaralla, Macrina Tamayo (The Philippine Star, February 9, 2017, on page B-9)
      Water quality here was found to be second best at 77 percent, a passing mark. All water quality indicators were at acceptable levels except phosphate (63 percent), and chlorophyll a (zero percent). The fisheries score was ...