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  • China angered by young campers on disputed isle 

    Tuyay, Francisco (Manila Standard, December 29, 2015, on page A2)
    BEIJING expressed anger Monday after a group of young Filipinos camped out on Pagasa, an island in the South China Sea that both China and the Philippines claim as their own. The voyage of the group, which calls itself ...
  • Phl rests case in sea row 

    Calica, Aurea (The Philippine Star, December 1, 2015, on page 1-12)
    The Philippines has conducted its legal arguments against China before an international arbitral court, saying it is entrusting its fate to a court that it believes will uphold the rule of law and not the "quaint aspiration ...
  • Italy backs Philippines on UN arbitration over sea dispute 

    Romero, Alexis (The Philippine Star, December 4, 2015, on page 1-17)
    Italian leaders expressed support for the Philippines’ move to bring its territorial dispute with China before an international tribunal during their meeting with President Aquino here yesterday. Aquino held separate ...
  • US deploys spy plane in Singapore amid sea row 

    Agence France-Presse (AFP) (The Philippine Star, December 9, 2015, on page A-22)
    The United States has deployed a P-8 Poseidon spy plane in Singapore for the first time ever, both countries said, amid simmering regional tensions over Beijing's island-building in the disputed South China Sea. China is ...
  • [ Solar-powered Fish Dryer ] 

    (The Philippine Star, December 10, 2015, on page B6)
    The Department of Science and Technology presented its solar-powered fish dryer for small fishermen within the Taal Lake Protected Area, during its regional office's 52nd-anniversary celebration at the Taal Lake Conservation ...

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