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dc.contributor.authorMendez, Christina
dc.coverage.spatialWest Philippine Seaen
dc.coverage.spatialUnited Statesen
dc.identifier.citationMendez, C. (2019, July 23). Rody: No ifs or buts, WPS is ours. But… The Philippine Star, p. 4.en
dc.publisherPhilippine Star Printing Co., Inc.en
dc.subjectterritorial watersen
dc.subjectlaw of the seaen
dc.subjectinternational lawen
dc.subjectmilitary operationsen
dc.titleRody: No ifs or buts, WPS is ours. But…en
dc.title.alternativeDuterte: No ifs or buts, WPS is ours. But...en
dc.citation.journalTitleThe Philippine Staren
local.seafdecaqd.extractFaced with criticisms and threats of an impeachment complaint, President Duterte reiterated that the West Philippine Sea belongs to the Philippines – debunking a claim of Beijing – during his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) last night. Duterte put on record his stand before the halls of the 18th Congress, giving the Filipino nation his assurance that “national honor and territorial integrity” are foremost in his mind. “When we take next steps in this lingering controversy over the lines of arbitral ruling, the West Philippine Sea is ours, there is no ifs or buts, it is ours, but we have been acting along that legal truth and line, but we have to temper it with the times and realities that we face today,” Duterte said.en
local.subject.personalNameDuterte, Rodrigo
local.subject.personalNameCarpio, Antonio
local.subject.personalNameXi, Jinping

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