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dc.coverage.spatialKuala Lumpuren
dc.identifier.citationBig aquaculture company bulldozes Borneo mangroves. (2018, November 2). Philippine Daily Inquirer, p. A6.en
dc.publisherPhilippine Daily Inquirer, Inc.en
dc.subjectmangrove conservationen
dc.subjectcoral bleachingen
dc.subjectcoral reef conservationen
dc.subjectshrimp cultureen
dc.subjectshrimp cultureen
dc.subjectClimatic changesen
dc.subjectgreenhouse effecten
dc.subjectcoral reefsen
dc.subjectwater temperatureen
dc.subjectechinoderm cultureen
dc.subjectSea level changesen
dc.subjectmarine parksen
dc.titleBig aquaculture company bulldozes Borneo mangrovesen
dc.citation.journalTitlePhilippine Daily Inquireren
local.seafdecaqd.extractNot long ago, the clearing had been home to mangroves, saltwater-loving trees that anchor a web of life stretching from fish larvae hatching in the cradle of their underwater roots to the hornbills squawking at their crown. Now the trees’ benevolent presence was gone, in their place a swath of stripped soil littered with felled trunks as gray as fossils. The company is Sunlight Inno Seafood. Owned by Cedric Wong King Ti, a Malaysian businessman known as “King Wong,” it has bulldozed swaths of mangroves in the Tombonuo’s homeland in northern Borneo to make space for plastic-lined ponds filled with millions of king prawns. The shrimp are destined to be fattened for three months, scooped up in nets, quick frozen, packed into 40-foot refrigerated containers and loaded onto cargo ships bound for distant ports.en
local.subject.personalNameCheung, William
local.subject.personalNameBondien, Matakin
local.subject.personalNameTi, Cedric Wong King
local.subject.personalNameJamari, Binti
local.subject.personalNameThanda, Lanash
local.subject.personalNameFriess, Dan
local.subject.personalNameWong, Junz
local.subject.corporateNameNippon Foundation University of British Columbia Nereus Programen
local.subject.corporateNameSunlight Inno Seafooden
local.subject.corporateNameFood and Agriculture Organization (FAO)en
local.subject.corporateNameSabah Environmental Protection Associationen
local.subject.corporateNameNational University of Singaporeen

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