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    • Coral Triangle stakeholders vow to patronize only legal operations 

      Icamina, Paul (Malaya, January 22, 2010, on page A8)
      Fishing operators and buyers who attended the first ever business summit to address overexploitation and overfishing in the Coral Triangle have promised not to source their products from illegal, unregulated and unreported ...
    • PH joins research on maritime biodiversity 

      (Malaya, January 12, 2018, on page A4)
      A team of experts from Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia initiated a joint research project that will help boost local efforts to conserve and improve the resilience of the coastal ecosystems in the Coral Triangle and ...
    • Yap cites need to protect Coral Triangle 

      (Malaya, February 11, 2010, on page D4)
      The partnership between the government and the private sector and the pursuit of innovations in climate change adaptations is meant to protect the Coral Triangle and ensure its diversity and sustainability for some 350 ...