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dc.contributor.authorVillar, Joey
dc.coverage.spatialCebu Cityen
dc.identifier.citationVillar, J. (2017, April 23). Reeling in the big one. Philippine Star, p. F5.en
dc.publisherPhilippine Star Printing Co., Inc.en
dc.subjectSport fishingen
dc.titleReeling in the big oneen
dc.citation.journalTitleThe Philippine Staren
local.seafdecaqd.extractIn 2007, Bong Castillo, a Filipino-American angler from Cebu, presented Francisco “Lalo” Matugas, then a congressman, an idea to make Siargao, particularly the small quaint town of Pilar, a venue for a game fishing tournament. He convened three of the nation’s top sports fishing clubs – the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation, the Philippine Sports Fishing Club and the Silver Jack Fishing Club of Manila – and along with then Pilar mayor Lucio Gonzales, they organized and turned the simple concept into a big event. Siargao is also situated on the edge of the second deepest ocean trench in the world and faces the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It is considered at par with similarly exciting fishing destinations in Santa Ana and San Vicente in Cagayan Valley up North. The difference is that the weather in Siargao is more predictable throughout the year and therefore more suited for the sport from April to October.en
local.subject.personalNameCastillo, Bong
local.subject.personalNameGonzales, Lucio
local.subject.personalNameArroyo, Gloria
local.subject.personalNameResurreccion, Maria Liza
local.subject.personalNameMatugas, Sol
local.subject.personalNameCausing, Elmer
local.subject.personalNameElimanco, Rico
local.subject.personalNameDamaso, Ryan
local.subject.personalNameSapuras, Jose
local.subject.personalNameSantos, Emil
local.subject.personalNameAparante, Edgar
local.subject.personalNameYosalina, Leo
local.subject.personalNameBosito, Juan
local.subject.personalNameTan, Marfin
local.subject.personalNameBlancada, Lanie
local.subject.personalNameGonzales, Jease
local.subject.personalNameElimanco, Jocan
local.subject.personalNameGueco, Rico
local.subject.personalNameGonzales, Lucio
local.subject.personalNameMatugas, Francisco
local.subject.personalNameCastillo, Bong
local.subject.personalNameUy, Gordon
local.subject.personalNamePallugna, Zeny
local.subject.corporateNamePhilippine Game Fishing Foundationen
local.subject.corporateNamePhilippine Sports Fishing Cluben
local.subject.corporateNameSilver Jack Fishing Club of Manilaen
local.subject.corporateNameDepartment of Tourism (DOT)en
local.subject.corporateNamePhilippine Game Fishing Federationen

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