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dc.coverage.spatialSouth China Seaen
dc.coverage.spatialScarborough Shoalen
dc.coverage.spatialBajo de Masinlocen
dc.identifier.citationThe rule of law in the South China Sea dispute. (2017, May 8). Business World, p. S1/8.en
dc.publisherBusinessWorld Publishing Corporationen
dc.subjectLaw of the seaen
dc.subjectInternational lawen
dc.subjectExclusive economic zoneen
dc.subjectUnited Nations Convention on Law of the Seaen
dc.titleThe rule of law in the South China Sea disputeen
local.seafdecaqd.extract“This battle to defend our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from China, the superpower in our region, is the 21st century equivalent of the battles that our forebears waged against Western and Eastern colonizers from the 16th to the 20th century... In this modern-day battle, the best and the brightest legal warriors in our country today must stand up to fight to free... the Philippines from foreign encroachment... we must rely on the most powerful weapon invented by man in the settlement of disputes among states -- a weapon that can immobilize armies, neutralize aircraft carriers render irrelevant nuclear bombs and level the battlefield between small nations and superpowers. That weapon -- the great equalizer -- is the rule of law. Under the Rule of Law, right prevails over might.”en
local.subject.personalNameCarpio, Antonio
local.subject.personalNameVelarde, Pedro Murillo
local.subject.personalNameVelarde, Mel
local.subject.corporateNameUnited Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)en

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