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    • How Tagbanua tribesmen protect the 'mermaids' of Palawan 

      Yan, Gregg (Philippine Daily Inquirer, January 20, 2019, on page A16)
      Wearing fins from recycled plastic containers, tough Tagbanua tribesmen have become the protectors of the dugong, those gentle marine mammals that have become prey to poachers in Northern Palawan. The dugong (scientific ...
    • Vanishing dugongs 

      Tacio, Henrylito (Philippine Daily Inquirer, February 26, 2013, on page 5)
      It was still five o’clock in the morning and yet Sonny Boy Aporbo was already awake. Immediately, he went to nearby Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental to do the usual morning ritual: to practice skimboarding. As he ...
    • Villagers mourn the death of dugong 

      Labiste, Ma. Diosa (Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 25, 2003, on page A20)
      Three weeks after it was beached by waves, a baby dugong or sea cow (Dugong dugon) died due to diarrhea on Oct. 4, but its finders are mourning its loss, like it was one of their own. The dugong, a little over a meter long, ...