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dc.contributor.authorEngalgado, Mila P.
dc.identifier.citationEngalgado, M. P. (2015, January 16). Protecting the environment. The Daily Guardian, pp. B6, B7.en
dc.publisherKayo & Partners Co.en
dc.subjectMan-induced effectsen
dc.subjectGlobal warmingen
dc.subjectClimatic changesen
dc.subjectScientific personnelen
dc.subjectEducation establishmentsen
dc.subjectEnvironmental protectionen
dc.subjectWaste disposalen
dc.subjectEnvironmental restorationen
dc.titleProtecting the environmenten
dc.citation.journalTitleThe Daily Guardianen
local.seafdecaqd.extractHuman activities slowly destroy the Earth. Threats of global warming and climate change have been more alarming that scientists, governments, industrial groups and even the education sector have stepped up efforts to address the problem. But we have responsibilities to protect our home, too. It is time that we get our acts together and save the Earth before it’s too late. How? Start by simply disposing your garbage properly. Meaning, follow the age old mantra of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. It is not too late to start saving our planet’s resources, too. We need food, shelter, clothing, and fuel. But we must consume these resources prudently because they are not limitless.en

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