Recent Submissions

  • SEAFDEC sees aquaculture opportunities amid El Niño 

    (Watchmen Daily Journal, May 6, 2024, on page 3)
    While extreme heat and below-normal rainfall prevail over the El Niño phenomenon, the Southeast Asian Fisheries and Development Center (Seafdec) Aquaculture Department (AQD) says these environmental changes also present ...
  • E.B. Magalona eyes multi-species marine hatchery 

    Philippine News Agency (PNA) (Watchmen Daily Journal, May 18, 2023, on page 2-3)
    The municipality of E.B. Magalona, dubbed the “Blue Crab Capital of Negros Occidental,” is proposing the establishment of a multi-species marine hatchery to ensure the sustainability and growth of its aquaculture products. ...