Recent Submissions

  • Aquaculture seminar set 

    (Business Day, March 10, 1986, on page 1)
    Potential investment areas in aquaculture will be identified during a two-day seminar on "Business Prospects in Aquaculture."
  • Aquaculture project conducts increased 

    (Business Day, June 23, 1986, on page 1)
    The Monetary Board approved over the weekend the inclusion of qualified commercial and thrift banks, as leading conduits for the aquaculture development project. The board adopted the measure as a means of accelerating and ...
  • Seafdec courses 

    (Business Day, February 11, 1987, on page 5)
    The Iloilo-based Seafdec Aquaculture Department will conduct six training courses in 1987 for fishfarmers, hatchery operators, and technicians. Applications are now being received, especially from the private sector who ...