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dc.contributor.authorSiochi, Mary Anne
dc.identifier.citationSiochi, M. A. (2020, December 10). Festive seafood risotto for a taste of home. Philippine Daily Inquirer, p. C1.en
dc.publisherPhilippine Daily Inquirer, Inc.en
dc.titleFestive seafood risotto for a taste of homeen
dc.citation.journalTitlePhilippine Daily Inquireren
local.seafdecaqd.extractMy experience of growing up in Malabon City where my family had an abundant supply of fresh seafood, alongside my Ilonggo mother who was a cooking powerhouse, paved the way for my deep connection and love for food. In our home, my mother took the reins in the kitchen—from planning our daily meals to preparing an endless supply of food for birthdays and celebrations. Having good food on the table was always an integral part of our family culture. Watching my mother cook and apply her Spanish and Ilonggo roots in her cooking enabled me to appreciate the flavors in even the simplest meals. With the abundance of seafood available in our hometown of Malabon, the possibilities were endless. This fascination for food was strengthened as I traveled to other parts of the world. As a college student, I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe with my friends, and that was where I explored the varying cuisines that would made a mark in my style of cooking.en

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