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    • Microalgae can be a potential feed for aquaculture species 

      Garibay, Soledad S. (Panay News, January 26, 2014, on page B6)
      At the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), the program on the development of algal paste from microalgae under the National Aquafeeds R&D Program is currently being funded by PCAARRD and Department of Science and ...
    • Microalgae paste: A potential feed for hatcheries 

      Yap, Julio P. Jr. (Panay News, July 14, 2016, on page 8)
      As an alternative, a potential feed for hatcheries during the La Niña phenomenon is microalgae paste, which is concentrated microalgae cells used as feed for larval fish, shrimp, and other aquaculture species. According ...